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Here at Smallwood we are small scale producers of the finest horse haylage, because we are not working on big scale we can concentrate better on the haylage that we do produce to ensure that it is grown in the best conditions, using the best grasses suitable for horses. We can then ensure that when it comes to harvest time we can choose the correct window of opportunity to mow, turn and bale the grass to produce the best quality haylage. Unlike large scale producers whose haylage production takes so long that they have to mow the grass, whatever the weather and hope things turn out alright! We don’t cut corners we double wrap our haylage with a minimum of 8 layers of plastic film, this seals in all the goodness and allows a mild fermentation to preserve the grass until it is opened and fed to your horse. Our production is entirely natural, we use no additives or artificial preservatives.

Our haylage is recommended for feeding after about 8 weeks, we do have Dodson & Horrell analysis on request. Obviously our liveries enjoy our haylage but we also produce to sell as well.

We produce two types of Haylage;

Ryegrass; using specialist Italian, Perennial and Hybrid Ryegrass produced for their yield and haylage making qualities. A premium haylage product, sweet smelling, very palatable and consistent analysis.

Meadow Mix; using predominantly Perennial Ryegrass with Fescues, and a bit of Timothy. We cut this at a slightly more mature stage to give a high fibre, meadow hay type product that is suitable for any horse/pony/box rest situation etc. It may want feeding up more with hard feed for those in heavy work.

Our typical analysis would be;
Dry Matter - 70-79%
Protein - 8-11%
Oil - 2-3%
Sugar - 5-6%
PH - 5-6
Energy - 8.0-10.0 Mj/kg DM

Why buy from Smallwood?        

  • Our haylage is grown purposely and professionally for horses.
  • Weed free!
  • Over 35 years grass forage experience, 20 years growing horse haylage.
  • Competitively priced on a like for like basis.
  • Delivery service with a smile, stacked neatly. (Local delivery only approx. 25 miles)
  • Can collect.
  • Bales guaranteed (subject to basic terms & conditions).
  • Our quality is sealed in the bale, ready for feeding.
  • Your horses will thank you for it!
  • Standard bale size approximately 1200mm to 1300mm  x 800mm x 700mm (4ft to 4ft 4”x2ft 8”x 2ft 4”)
    weighing approximately 200 - 240kg with high dry matter = lighter bales easier to manage suit 2-3 horses plus. (Heavier bales are just more water content!)

We bale our haylage in high density square bales which measure 4ft to 4ft 4” x 2ft 8" x 2ft 4" and weigh approximately 200 - 240kg. Remember our bales are high dry matter, some producers may sell heavier bales but this extra weight is usually water because the grass has been baled at a lower dry matter, if baled at 65% dry matter our bales would weigh 220 kg plus! We find these to be a sensible size that will last 2 horses approximately 10 days, 3 horses 7 days, 4 horses 5 days etc. The general recommendation is that once opened you should use up a bale within 7 days, but we have clients that have had bales open for 17 days! without any spoilage whatsoever such is the quality of the fermentation that we achieve, although we wouldn’t recommend it. We always use square bales that are baled in slices; this allows you to maintain a neat and tidy bale as you use it, unlike large round bales that tend to collapse into a heap once opened encouraging rapid deterioration of the haylage. our haylage can be collected from our yard or we can deliver for free, subject to a minimum order, locally up to 20-25 miles or so (please note we are based near Sandbach in Cheshire), complete with a compact loader to stack even in the smallest of corners. Delivery further than this could be arranged but would be subject to delivery charges.


Our terms are payment BACS before delivery or cash on delivery and in return we offer you a quality product with a friendly and reliable personal service. Collection is cash or card (card payment subject to 2.5% additional fee)

To discuss your requirements Contact Ian Morris on 01477 500605